Outlook Profile Auto Creation

I have been trying to find a way to auto generate the creation of Outlook profiles by logging on to a computer rather than visiting a 1000 users individually.  

I've looked at newprof, several programs that create profiles on the fly, and many other scripts.  But all of them require and use this:

MailboxName=%UserName%  they obtain the username from the logon ID of the person accessing the system.  This is then sent to profile creation and I get an error.  Unable to create profile, profile does not exist.  

I check the exchange account, which is exchange server 2003, and noticed we use an alias.  So if the user logons on with T111, this is being based to the %UserName%.  Not the alias, which is last name, first name.

Thus, none of the profile creation scripts work.

Any ideas, thoughts etc.?  I checked and found that the logon accounts are correctly tied to the alias, otherwise you couldn't create the profile in the first place.

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never used any of these products...most places i work no more than 3 users...but
a few facts for u .....
when u create a user first name display name and initials....that becomes the
display name which in return becomes the mailbox name....
logon name becomes the ALIAS which also becomes the default email address....
%userName% is tied to user logon name(Alias)....not the mailbox name unless both are trhe same....
so maybe u should use mailboxname=%DisplayName%....
sorry i meant to write first name LAST NAME (not display name)
dgore1Author Commented:
Well, in our case, they aren't gonna change it.  So, when you write a script that uses %username% the logon id is passed to the profile creation...thus it can't authenticate to exchange.

When I watch the process happen, you can see the value being processed in the profile creation as the logon id, not the alias which is lastname, firstname.

I just need to know if there is another variable that allows me to pass the alias portion.
Not sure if this will help but as far as i know it should pick up the other detials from the user name, the program is called richprofile:



Dave J

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