Upgrading OS, will I lose my data on the data drives?

I am in the process of upgrading Windows 2000 Advanced Server, to Windows 2003 Server.
The version of Windows 2003 Server I am upgrading to, does not allow a direct upgrade path. I tried already and it told me. So basically, I have to re-format the entire system drive and re-install it with Win2k3.

My question is:
There are 3 drives in this machine. I dont want to lose data on two of the drives. Here is the setup:

-System drive (IDE):  (This has windows 2000 server on it. )
-Adaptec SATA raid controller with two 100gig drives in RAID 1: (this has all my data on it)

What should I do when reformatting the system drive? My fear is overwriting the two 100gig drives in RAID1. Should I just remove the raid controller when performing the upgrade to be safe?


ps: This machine is not a domain controller, just a fileserver
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Just reformat the c drive (dont delete and recreate the partition it wont be labeled c), the data on c will be wped but the data on the other partitions will be fine. Also if you dont install the raid driver during setup it wont even see the raid drives than after the install, install the raid driver and then the raid 1 will be seen.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Gotcha. So I stick the win2k3 disk in and reboot.
When prompted (regarding drive setup) I DO NOT delete the system drive. I just format it with NTFS and let win2k3 install over it.


Thanks man
I would disconnect the other two drives so you don't make a mistake and take them out . . boot to the install cd . . delete and recreate partition(s) . . format and install. . then connect the other two drives

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