Missing Bluetooth in Control Panel

Windows Help/Support advice on "Installing a pocket PC using bluetooth technology" says

1) attach adapter to PC (assumed to mean a dongle
2) set up pocket PC ---
3) Open "Bluetooth Devices" in Control Panel"

-- and there I stop since there is no Bluetooth Devices icon in my XP-pro SP2 Control Panel !

Any ideas please ?

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>>2) set up pocket PC ---
Did you install all of the software that came with the pocket PC? What are the specs on the Bluetooth device?
See if this previous EE thread helps:
"No "bluetooth" in control panel":
danMAuthor Commented:
The problem as stated in the previous thread is exactly mine.

I seem to be missing Windows own Bluetooth drivers from XP-SP2 - since Control Panel has no Bluetooth icon.  So how do I get XP's own drivers ?

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This should resolve it >
"List of Bluetooth radio drivers that are included in Windows XP SP2":
That's just the list .. still investigating.
Seems quite a lengthy process but see if this url helps.  Take a look at para 3 and note the comments.   Probably best to read through the whole article before you decide >

"Bluetooth ActiveSync Guide for Windows XP Service Pack 2":

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Dan .. seems like you've reached the conditions at step 3, but can't see your new applet !    Will leave you reading the article.  Have to log off for a while but will call by later.
Not sure how relevant this is as not had time to read it fully, but could be of use.
"Using a Third-Party Bluetooth Driver After Installing Windows XP SP2":

danMAuthor Commented:
I just don't have a Bluetooth Devices applet in Control Panel.

Plugging in the B/t dongle - XP does not find any native drivers

Ref to Step One in the earlier url, if you enter Control Panel and click “Add/Remove Programs” do you see any software related to Bluetooth ?

Are you using a Widcomm Bluetooth driver ?   If so, this could help.  Scroll to the references to 'no applet in Ctrl panel' >

"Windows XP SP2 problems with WIDCOMM Bluetooth driver"
“  is a quote.
danMAuthor Commented:
In Add/remove progs. there is no entry for either Bluetooth or WIDCOMM - it seems Bluetooth is entirely absent from my XP-pro SP2 PC.

Will re-installing SP2 help ?

It's a possible option but seems like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Suggest trying the system file checker first.   Select Start, Run, and then type  SFC /scannow

Did SFC /scannow help ?   If no improvement and you get no further successful comments, suggest you go for the SP2 reinstallation as you suggested, downloading it from the MS Windows Update update link.
You may also find this url useful:
"Windows XP Service Pack 2 FAQ 's":
Windows Update website:
danMAuthor Commented:
I have installed the dongle's own drivers and can communicate with the PC via Bluetooth using them - except in one respect - ActiveSync does not run on the PC when a link via Bluetooth is made, and cannot be made to do so.

I think that is probably another and separate question so I have awarded the points for advice given already.

In the next url scroll down to the statement dated Aug 22 2005, 02:44 PM and read on from ...

"The following will show you how to set up a low Bluetooth COM Port number to use ActiveSync via Bluetooth.
I am asuming that you have the bluetooth drivers installed and that your bluetooth dongle is indeed operational ....

"How to set up BT COM Port(s) with the WIDCOMM BT D".

Hopefully this is your answer.  Thank you, and good luck.    
Scroll down about 45% ... it's a long article!
My last shot at it and came across this additional info.  Have only read it in part .. some good news, some not so good.   But overall you may find it useful:

"Windows XP Bluetooth Rant: One Year Later":
danMAuthor Commented:
My PDA -- an MDA Compact II --- seems to want to only use Coms 6 and 7

In ActiveSync Coms 6 or 7 are available

But in the dongle software BlueSoleil, the only serial ports mentioned are 9 and 10

I assume all 3 need to be same - so it appears nothing can be done.

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