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Dear experts

I am system administrator in a management institute and here all together 124 windows xp desktop working, I had installed rad hat linux 9.0 for proxy server, and i configure Ncsa user authintication now i want to implement one more thing. I want to give 20hrs for every user, I mean every user can access net maximun 20 hrs per week. Is there any software available for that?
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I never heared of such software. You need to write your own or customize existing.
Moreover, user authentication on proxy has a drawback. It doesn't allow your users
to authenticate against external site having such kind of authentication.

It's not impossible to implement such kind of control mechanism, but it requires time and programming knowledge.
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
Nopius: ncsa_auth is an authentication module for squid, that uses your webserver .htaccess for authentication. It's not a program on it's own right now. However, it's based on NCSA Mosaic, the first web browser and server.

ranadistar: yes, you can do this. there is radius authentication modules for squid, and as I have read by now, radius can do this kind of accounting (I suppose using databases and some scripting for accounting, but haven't tested it myself yet)

however, use of RedHat 9.0 is not a good idea (I'm guessing. Linux 9.0 des not exists yet. but RedHat 9 and SuSE 9 yes)
use a supported distro so you are feeded with patches from current packages. this is necessary for security. I would go for CentOS 4.x at

happy linuxing
Redimido, you right. That's why this authentication cannot be used twise (first time on squid and second on host that uses that kind of authentication), because authentication informaion is passed via single HTTP header line and once authenticated on 'remote' site, local authentication is lost.

About RADIUS, it doesn't allow to stop access for given user once authorization has been passed. Suppose you have 10 minutes left this week. Once logged in you may work unlimited amount of time.

ranadastidarAuthor Commented:
dear friends thanks for your comments, I want more idea about that, I notices some cyber cafe use some software where they give some key number for using internet, suppose if u want to access net for 1hr they provide u one key number and when you open a web browser and try to accessing some site it prompt u the key number and when u enter that number u can access the net but for 1hour only. So I think there should be some software available for that, I mean proxy server as well as any database module should use for that, I mean proxy authincation as well as database integration, any more idea about that?
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
there is software for cybercofee control, like

however, to do what you are asking requires some dynamic control connected with squid proxy so it can create a dynamic rule to block usage when time limit has reached.

I can only think of iptables to do things dynamically...

this is the propossal of someone at the squid email list:

okay. I surfed for some projects about time limit users in squid. maybe this one is what you're looking for:

happy linuxing

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