How to deal with mht files ?

.mht are files that contain other files in order to save a complete web page in only one file, so .mht files contain html, gif, css and other types of files. Am I right ?
I would like to know what are the applications capable of viewing mht files (such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word - this are that I know - is there other else ?); and what are the applications capable of converting to other formats, and to decompile them (extract all the files contained inside a mht file).
Finally, I want to ask - Is that possible to convert mht files (generated by Internet Explorer) to and from war files (generated by Konqueror - Linux) ? I know that Konqueror, the main Linux's Web Browser, makes war files which are equivalent to the mht files generated by Internet Explorer... Thanks in advance.
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Look at this link
According to it, you can convert in both directions and also you can extract the contents of mht files. That automatically answers to your questions.
I hope this is the thing you're lookig for.

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asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
WelkinMaze  - thanks for your comment. What you say answers to one question - convert mht to war. But there are other questions opened - how to decompile mht (extract all the files contained inside a mht file) even in Windows OS; and how to see war files in Windows.
Hi again,
According to the page this program also "extracts all the files contained in mht"
Also this one "The output file name is the same as the input file name. So the file /mhts/My mht file.mht will create the file /mhts/My mht file.war (and vice-versa)." points that the opposite conversion could be done.
Just re-read your initial question and do not see unanswered subquestions. :)
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asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
WelkinMaze - you are correct, thank you ! The only thing is missing is that it does not run in Windows...
Yes :(
There were not such requirement in the initial question.
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
WelkinMaze - you are correct - you deserve to get the question's points. If you can solve the "runing in Windows" requirement I will increase question's points, but you can be convinced that the accepted answer is yours ! Thanks.
It seems that there is not such one. I've searched extensively the I-net and there is nothing for Windows. :(
asgarcymedAuthor Commented:
WelkinMaze - ok, I believe in you; I also tried a google search and I couldn't find anything (my doubt is if I was good in searching options). As I said you deserve to get the question's points. Thank you.
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