IceWM theme and widgets

I'm in the process of creating a theme for iceWM.  It looks great so far, but there don't seem to be any iceWM specific theme settings for the dialog buttons/scroll bars/etc.  I've noticed screenshots where these look different than the default, so I know they can be changed, I just don't know how.

Is it an X-Windows specific setting, or specific to some widget toolset?
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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I wasn't clear.  I know how to get iceWM to select a theme.

The problem is that all the documents on designing themes leave out most of the details -- important details much of the time.  For example, it was only through experimentation that I discovered what menubg.xpm was for since I couldn't find anything about it.  I'm hoping there are similar files for buttons, tabs, etc.  Even if not, there is no documentation on even so much as altering their color.

From the looks of it I'd think the widget set was independent of iceWM, in which case the settings may be modifiable elsewhere (or even just replacable with something better suited to the theme the company wants).
IceWM only troubles itself with the decoration of the windows, not the content. that is up to the widget set - and herein lies the adage about unix/linux being confusing and inconsistent from a "look-and-feel standpoint":-).

So to get a consistent look and pretty consistent feel, you'll need do whatever is necessary for each widget set used on the system... Anything from gnome/gtk and kde to Xaw(-3d) and (horror above horrors) Xt and Xlib (urg:-).
Fixing up the colours and fonts is the easy part (for the "old stuff" via setting X resources... start with "man xrdb":-), getting a completely consistent feel is well-nigh impossible.

It's usually more work than I have the time for;-).

-- Glenn

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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reply, I was traveling Friday.

Well, it appears gtk 2.0 and qt 3.3.4 are installed on the machine.  I created a .gtkrc file in the home directory pointing to a blucurve theme file copied off my RedHat box.  Unfortunately, nothing happened.  Since the .qt directory exists I'm guessing that's what the software is using.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to change the qt theme outside of the program's source.  At least that used to be the case.  Has this changed?
It is not that automagic and transparent.
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
By that do you mean that adding a .gtkrc and having no effect doesn't mean the controls aren't gtk, or do you mean that there is no way to alter the qt controls?
QT configuration can be changed best using qtconfig. But if you change one (from gtk or qt )other will not sync
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
I'm not worried about syncing.  Once the theme is set up we intend to keep it that way for years.

Unfortunately there is no qtconfig on any of my systems.  Is there any kind of guide to manually editing it?
Lengthy .INI-style files. Docs are in qt distribution.
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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to check my old open stuff.  Still haven't gotten the .qt stuff working.  Blargh.
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