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I have some websites I am hosting.  However they are being hosted using one to one nat.  So when I am using external dns it looks for the public address, but for some reason I cant lookup my websites via the public addresses, I dont know if the firewall is blocking the loop or what, when I am outside the network, I can view the websites no problem, but internally Its not showing up . I am using a watchguard x500 .. any ideas ?

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Your firewall is probably preventing it to go outside and come back in using the natted address. Something like;

Server (>Mapped to x.x.x.x)-----------Firewall (Nat)---------Internet.

So when you try to access your webserver, the dns server returns the address as x.x.x.x and then you try to connect to it. But you are trying to connect to x.x.x.x using a natted outgoing connection which the firewall might block.

If you try to access the websites using the local ip addresses within internal network and *IF* it works, you have 2 solutions;

1. Install a DNS Server inside to your domain and have an alias command to point the webservers to the local ip + provide this server as the dns server to all your internal machines.

2. Update the hosts file on all the machines to include the webserver resolution to the local ip address.

Depending on your network, you can choose which one to fit.

Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Are you hosting your own DNS as well or is that held by the ISP?
focusenAuthor Commented:
well our dns is hosted outside the network , so our ip addresses sare something like this


our dns = 209.222.313.x

so we are using a public address as our dns server, but its hosted outside , we can add records to it, but we dont want to .  I think my firewall sees a loop and is blocking it.
focusenAuthor Commented:
those numbers were just examples not real !
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
So you don't have an internal dns server?
Is port 53 UDP traffic allowed out through the watchguard?
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