Restoring deleted files from GroupWise 6.5


An employee that just resigned deleted all of his company e-mails.  This is a problem now because we do not know what other customers could have asked him or what he answered back.  

This gentleman is not returning any telephone calls form my manager and I am very new to Novell and GroupWise.  Is there a way to restore deleted e-mails in GroupWise v. 6.5?  

I would think logically you first delete an e-mail and its put in to the trash.  Then if you empty the trash its gone for good.  If someone has a lot of spam or sales e-mails and he deletes them, if we kept a copy somewhere that would be a lot of un-necessary space.  Is there a way to check and see if we can recover a user's deleted e-mails?
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Depends - specifically on how long its been, and what database janitorial processes you have running. First thing to do is turn off any database janitorial processes. Unfortunately, the default configuration is that they run Friday night at midnight, and it looks like you posted after that. So they may have run already. Anyway, go to the Post Office object in the GroupWise view of ConsoleOne, and find the scheduled jobs page. I don't have a GroupWise-enabled C1 handy, else I'd walk you thru it. I'll see if I can find it in the online docs.

What you want to do is re-create his mailbox. Assuming the records have not been deleted from the message store, this is fairly easy to do. If they have been deleted, then  I hope you have good backups (made with GroupWise support by an SMS-enabled backup software), because you'll have to create a Restore Area, retrieve the GroupWise message store from backup, and recover his mailbox that way.
Note that EE has a GroupWise-specific TA -->

But we can help you here. Just FYI for the future.
Since you're new to Novell's products, you should know that Novell maintains an extensive library of support information at

The Knowledgebase is the repository for Technical Information Documents (TIDs) and they have a pretty good search engine.

There is also a link to their documentation library - you can pull up docs as far back as NetWare v3.2. But you're probably more interested, right now, in the GroupWise v6.5 docs, which ar at -->
Here is a link to the relevant page concerning scheduling events in the Post Office Agent -->
The issue is that, as I recall, the Default POA Mailbox/Library Maintenance Event will purge E-Mail that has been deleted and Emptied from the Trash. If this guy both deleted his E-Mail and Emptied the Trash, and the default Event was active and unmodified, then his messages may have been erased from the GroupWise Message Store.

You can test this quickly by going into ConsoleOne, finding his mailbox in the GroupWise View, and then clicking on Tools and finding the GroupWise Mailbox Maintenance option under that. I think that is the name - again, I don't have a GroupWise-enabled C1 in front of me.

You want to do a "Re-create User Mailbox" on his mailbox. Also, set a mailbox password, then when all is done, you should be able to access his mailbox by launching GroupWise on your desktop with the "/@u-?" parameter on the command-line (in the icon). This will let you login to a specific mailbox (normally the client will check your eDirectory identity and login to the associated mailbox). You'll need the password that you set.

Try that, and if you find everything, then the default Maintenance Event had not deleted the messages from the Message Store. All is well.

If his mailbox is empty, then the Maintenance Event did its housekeeping on his messages and purged them from the Message Store. Your only recover method is to recover your last clean backup and se a Restore Area to rebuild his mailbox.

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