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Populating second drop menu using the selection in the first drop menu

Hi all, I'm new at this web programming and I'm doing ASP with Dreamweaver which is making my life a lot easier. I'm trying to populate a second drop down menu from the database table using the selection from the first drop down menu. I'm hoping there's a way to do this without reloading the page (some Javascript perhaps), but I'm not picky, any solution that works I can live with!

My DB has two related tables, the Category and Subcategory tables. (tblCat and tblSubCat)

the fields in tblCat are: CatID , CatName
the fields in tblSubCat are: SubCatID  , SubCatName , Category

As you can see tblSubCat.Category and tblCat.CatID are relating the two tables.

Now first drop menu is populated from tblCat using the CatName as options and passing CatID as values.
I want to get the second DropMenu to be populated with only the SubCatName values where tblSubCat.Category = tblCat.CatID

1 Solution
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi axa905,

You can certainly do this with DW or by hand-coding.  A bunch of people ask for this and the DW developer community has created a number of extension that take much of the work out of it for you.  Here are links to a few:


and so on.  None of the above are free, but if you have more time than money, you can try one of the previous solutions from here:


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