Can't Run .aspx Files, Give 404, .Net framework 2.0 on W Srv 2003 SP1

I can't run any aspx files on our machine. I just get a 404. I have re-downloaded the .net framework 2 and repaired the installation but the same results occur. I have given everyone full access to the folder in which the scripts reside. What could be the problem here?
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DBAduck - Ben MillerPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
This is going to be a troubleshooting problem.

The first thing is to attempt to browse an html file that is in the same directory as you are putting the aspx files.

If it works, then you will want to check the IIS settings in INETMGR to make sure that you have allowed the ASP.NET extensions.  Do Start | Run | inetmgr, then expand the machine and then look at Web Service Extensions (something like that), and make sure that ASP.NET 2.0 is allowed.

Then post your results of things at this point.

jbregAuthor Commented:
It was item number 2, asp extensions weren't allowed. Always the simple things I guess, thanks!
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