allow users to enter single quotes in text box

I would like to allow people to use single quotes while writing something in a text box that will be updated in a DB.

Currently if people try to type for example: "Friend's"  there is an error.

Can someone help me modify my code below to allow me to do this?

sql = "UPDATE tblData SET back_colour = '" & request("bcolor") & "', font_size = '" & request("fsize") & "', main_text = '" & request("mtext") & "', page_name = '" & request("pname") & "', modified=true WHERE email ='" & session("usersession") & "'"

I need it to be enabled for the whole sql statement and not just one DB field.

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use replace(request("FieldName"),"'","`")
Function SQLInjectProtect(str)
   SQLInjectProtect = replace(str,"'","`")
End Function

and replace:sql = "UPDATE tblData SET back_colour = '" & request("bcolor") & "', font_size = '" & request("fsize") & "', main_text = '" & request("mtext") & "', page_name = '" & request("pname") & "', modified=true WHERE email ='" & session("usersession") & "'"

sql = "UPDATE tblData SET back_colour = '" & SQLInjectProtect(request("bcolor")) & "', font_size = '" & SQLInjectProtect(request("fsize")) & "', main_text = '" & SQLInjectProtect(request("mtext")) & "', page_name = '" & SQLInjectProtect(request("pname")) & "', modified=true WHERE email ='" & SQLInjectProtect(session("usersession")) & "'"

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shootar - the proper(most common) way to do this is to replace the ' with ''.  Similar to kevp75 answer, but like this:

function fmtSQL(txt)
 txt = replace(txt, "'", "''")
 fmtSQL = txt
end function

sh00tarAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the great anwers.  I will give the majority of the points to kevp75 since he was first to respond and gave me both the function and the sql line.

alorentz gave me the function that I'm using right now since i didn't want to change ' into ` as was the case with kevp75's code.

Thank you both.

I have another question which I hope any of you might be able to help me with.  Found on this page:

I don't know if I'm able to make links in this box but i'll try.

<a href="">This Page</a>

Once again, Thank you.
glad I could help, thanks for the grade
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