What software is best for Building Animated GIF files?

I have a lot of programs, Adobe and Macromedia also one called Micrografx webtricity what is the best for Animated GIF building any hints etc. appreciated.  Thanks.  This is urgent as I have to build them for a project I am involved in.  So let me have all the information available.  Thank you.

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well i use the animation shop program that came with my paint shop pro v9 (now owned by corel, but www.jasc.com will still take you there).

what adobe and macromedia programs do you have, and do you know if they even do animated gif's?
If you have Adobe Imageready (comes with photoshop) then its a equally good solution. You can even import movie files (.mpeg, .avi, .mov and some other formats I believe) and clip them to select the portion you want to convert to gif format. Its very simple and straightforward to use.

You can insert layers (Titles, headings, descriptions) into the gif images so they exist in all the frames or certain frames and so on. =)

imageready is th best solution ,it's come with photoshop and easy to use.
note that every layer in the PSD is used for frame in the GIF animation.
you can easy set the timing and loop setting.
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what kind? something simple?

Does this help?

one we used at school is gif contruction set i beleive it is free for personal use?
i found it very easy to use... just import the gif files you want to animate then click make

Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

Are the animations you need very very short clips? Like 5 to 10 frames? If it is the case, Adobe Photoshop can be used to that. You create independetn frames and put it togheter in sequence. IrfanView (www.irfanview.com)can do that.

If your needs are more sophisticated, animation software like ToonBoom (www.toonboom.com)  are for good quality 2D cartoon style, and TrueSpace (www.caligari.com) for good quality 3D animation.

My understand is that, for 5 to 10 seconds animated gif, ToonBoom is a perfect product for you. They have a free trial version.

reyeuroAuthor Commented:
Been ill, sorry it took so long to accept an answer, but I followed your advice and am building animated gif with ease now thanks.
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