Issue with computer after an electrical storm.

There was a thunder storm the other day and I heard some popping and found it was coming from the surge protector my computer was plugged into. So I then unplugged it from the wall. Now when I try to start the computer the light comes on, the fan starts, and I can open the cd drives. It does not make the normal start up noises and I do not see anything on the monitor. When I click the monitor it sounds like it gets power. What things can I look at on my computer?
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Thunerstorm damage can affect selected parts or every single part in the system.
What gets hurt is very ramdom.
It's even possible for the monitor to get fried without the system being damaged.
Unfortunatly it's common for the entire system to be ruined.

You have actually have 3 or 4 paths in.
The power of course, plus the wires to any modem and/or network card you may have.
Also through the monitor's cable.

Before you do anything else I would replace the power supply.
Given your surge protectors reaction the PSU certainly took a hit.
People think of power supplies as one power supply. In reality they are several power supplies in one housing and one or two or three can get fried without the other's being affected. This is why you may seem some activity and still have a bad PSU. For example, the drives may be getting good power but not the motherboard. The thing is your system needs all of them to be working in order to function so one bad output is a bad power supply.

Once you have a good power supply remove the modem and/or network card and see if it will boot.
Take note of any beep codes if you hear any and let us know what you found.


First check the capacitors on the motherboard for any splitting or leakage.
If everything looks ok then I would suggest replacing the power supply as this would be the first piece of hardware that would get the surge.
ablondeauAuthor Commented:
The capacitors look good. Do you think that the power supply is just partially working, since the computer is starting some functions? I do not have a power supply handy. Is there anything else I can check, while I wait to receive a power supply?
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Are you getting at least one beep from the computer when it starts up? Or are there no beeps at all. If there are no beeps then I would suspect the power supply first and then the motherboard.
A bad PS can put out some voltage so it that could be why some things work.
If you're not getting POST then I don't know what else to check.
make sure power is not connected. you could try unplugging all the unnecessary things like Drives(Harddrive,CD drives, floppy drive), modem and network card. reseat the memory and or CPU and or Videocard if separate. take out the cmos battery....wait about 1/2 a min and put it back in. Then try to boot the system to see if you at least get the POST.
I agree with PCBONEZ and pcchecks but wanted to see the end result so I am posting this to get an email and keep up with progress. Just to add a contructive comment. I would first look at the PSU then processor, then systemboard. In that order. I've seen this type of issue many times.
All The times i have seen a thunderstorm affect a PC the motherboard had to be changed.
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