Unable to Connect to Network Resources

Hey there,

I have a win2k domain which has ~20 PC's in a mixed environment (win2k, xp, 98).  I have two pc's which are dual hommed, one winxp pro sp2 and one win98.  These machines also connect to CNC machine controllers (running some type of DOS) via 10baset and netbui.  

On the xp machine I can't browse the network.  I can ping everything, but if I try to map drives (either through the 10bast network or otherwise) I get an error about the network not found.

The windows 98 machine connects to everything and I can even connect to a shared folder on the problem xp machine.  (so, I can get in but not out)

I noticed Event ID 8003 errors in reference to Master Browser problems on my domain controller and the problem child XP machine.  The computer listed in those errors is the win98 machine as follows:

The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer [the win98 PC] that believes that it is the master browser for the domain on transport Nbf_{15620881-D363-42D6-8290-A. The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced.

I noticed that on the xp machine, the "Computer Browser" service is not even listed in services.  Also, BROWSER is not listed under HKLM\Currentcontrolset\services

Anyway, do you think my mapping and browsing issues are because of the Computer Browser service not being installed and how can I reinstall this service?


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Hi ttist25,

first of all try disabling the firewall on the xp machine

ttist25Author Commented:
Hey Jay Jay,

Thanks for that, but I've already tried it.  I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with the "Computer Browser" service not being listed in services.

ANy idea how to reiinstall that service?
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
What concerns me is the dual-homed part of your network..  Each NIC on a dual-homed system should point to a different subnet..  what is your network setup?  Why are you using Dual-Homed systems here?  (in regards to dual-homing, you should make sure that these systems are not particapating in master browsing elections..)

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ttist25Author Commented:
Hey Fatal.

First of all, I gave wrong information in my original post.  The dual homed machines are part of a 10BASE2 network (not 10BASE-T).  They are design computers running CAD software and they send jobs to machine controller computers which are running a DOS based OS.  The only protocol the machine controllers can use is netbui.

These design PC's also need to participate on the 100BASE-T network using tcp/ip for access to resources on the domain controller, Internet, etc.

One of the design computers (the win98 machine) is claiming that it is the Master Browser (as evidenced by the event log on the xp machine and my DC).

I'm heading over there this afternoon (working on Easter - yuck) to try to get it straight.

ALL of your help is greatly appreciated.  Maybe I can get it fixed quickly and get back with my family before dinner!

Thanks again.
Make sure that you only have one gateway for the computer. Windows does not gateways specified on both NICs. My guess is that you should only have a default gateway on the 100BT NIC got to the Domain Controllers. Second make sure that on the properies for 'My Network Places' go to the Advanced Menu and select Advanced Settings, then make sure that the 100BT NIC is the top of the binding order ... see if that helps.
ttist25Author Commented:
I'll give that a shot Sallwine.  

Doesn't anyone find it strange that the Computer Browser service is not installed on teh XP machine?  This is the machine that is unable to browse the network or map drives (although I can ping machines that are sharing folders).
ttist25Author Commented:
Got it fixed!

I ended up reinstalling the client for Microsoft Networks and the Computer Browser service showed back up in services.

I can browse, map, etc.

I think a little group policy tweaking is going to be in order for this machine.  The user is a budding IT prospect.

Thanks to all for your support.  I'm off to spend the rest of the day with my FAMILY!

Thanks again.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Very good, and thank you for closing..

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