php compare with CGI

if thing in term of server resorce does php use resorce form server less than CGI
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You can't compare the two. PHP is a language. CGI is just a standard of communication between the Web Server and an external program (which can actually be written in PHP as well). Resource usage depends totally on your particular setup and what your PHP code or CGI programs are doing.
If you're talking about Perl (commonly reffered to as CGI, even though the actual language is called Perl, and it processes CGI):

PHP was designed specifically for scripting web pages, which means it has many built-in functions to allow you to quickly and easily perform common tasks (tasks that would require you to write more lines of custom code in Perl).  PHP is generally considered to be a faster language, though I've heard arguments that Perl can function just as quickly if done correctly.  For most web purposes, PHP is a better choice in my opinion.  I also feel that it's better with accepting form data and working with databases (MySQL in particular, which is the most popular one to use with PHP).

With that said, both languages have about the same learning curve, and they can both do a lot of things.  PHP seems to be more widely used and supported these days, and I would imagine that it will keep getting better as newer versions are released.

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Of course, you can read arguments for both languages all day long:

However, I think PHP has been pulling ahead quite a bit over the last few years when it comes to picking a language for web development.
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