Application to extract Exchange mailboxes from unstartable Exchange server

Hi, I have run into this problem before, where an exchange server wont start, or will boot, but exchange wont start up.  Usually I get them running locally, but then they want their data from the mail boxes, this poses a problem on the fly, because reloading the exchange server takes time.

Question: is there a utility that can look at the data, seperate the mailboxes, and allow you to extract what data you want, or to get it all, and export it to some sort of pst, or csv file?

thanks a ton, this is quite the thorn in my side.
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I think the tool you are looking for would be Powercontrols by Ontrack. You can download a demo version from the website to check if you can recoved the mailboxes before buying as it may be costly to recover them. But then again, how important is your data to the guys you are recovering for? 

This will allow the extract of mailboxes to PST files or exchange servers as you request. I hope this helps, as it has helped me a few times in the past!


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Have you tried using exmerge?  
SlickTechAuthor Commented:
Sorry netman3k, I was waiting to see if I got a better (read cheaper) answer.   Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks fro the best answer.  I'm sure it will work great, and my client appreciates it too.
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