the legacy

when my uncle in madura died recently ,he left a will,instructing his executors to divide his estate of 1.920,000 in this manner:every son should receive 3 times as much as a daughter,and that every daughter should get twice as much as their mother.what is my aunts share?

in this question i m not able 2 figure out how 2 assume the number of daughters and sons.
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Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
Hi, S = 3D, D = 2M

S = 3(2M) = 6M

S = 3M, D = 2M, M = M

How many sons and daughters are there ?

No of sons * S + No of daughters * D + M = 1.920000

shilpi84Author Commented:


now equation reduces to

this imples a and b should be equal to now the sare of aunt comes out 2 be 213,333.504 which is wrong according 2 book.
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
How many sons and daughters are there ?
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shilpi84Author Commented:
not mentioned puzzle 25 from shakuntla devi puzzles 2 puzzle u.
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
49200 10/13 ?

It is not possible to calculate since they have not given the no of sons or daughters
Hi shilpi84,
The following is not true:
You can't use 6/9, 2/9 and 1/9. This will only be true if there is one son and there is one daughter.
So because the above is wrong you reach to the wrong conclusion that a and b has to be 1.

The correct one is:
6*M*x + 2*M*y + M = 1920000
where M is the share of the mother; x and y are correspondingly the number of sons and daughters.

You can bring it to
M*(6x+2y+1) = 1920000
but nothing more unless we know the number of sons and daughters.
As I see this is the subsequent "bad" puzzle.

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Can it be solved if the uncle also assures that it is an *integer* division?
The number of shares is odd.
The total value is  2^10 * 3 * 5^4
We only need to look at 3 * 5^4 = 1875 (nb of 1024 shares).

So k ( n*6 + m*2 + 1 ) = 1875, where n = number of suns and m = number of daughters, k being also an integer...

Can that be solved?
Harisha M GEngineerCommented:
The uncle had only one wife. And hence, the equation becomes

No of sons * S + No of daughters * D + M = 1920000

Without further directions, this cannot be solved
Right, even looking only at integers, there are many solutions.
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