How to capture a frame from DVD Movie running in Windows Media Player or Real Player

I was watching some movies on DVD using Microsoft Media Player. The movies works fine, but I want to capture some frame that I really like.
First I used the PrintScreen key on the keyboard, then go to Windows Paint and do a 'paste', and finally save it as a .bmp file
But when I reopen it again I can only see a totally black screen. Please any expert tell me how I need to do  it properly?
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the problem is with how dvd video is displayed on the screen.. this page pretty much explains the problem and offers a few ideas to try to work around it.

it would be best to use the powerdvd or windvd that most likely came with the dvd drive or the computer when it was new. those programs support capturing frames from movies without any muss or fuss.
VolgaAuthor Commented:
Thanx nltech for the advice. Even though I followed all the suggestions they gave at that site, turning off acceleration and all that but it still didn't work. Finally I had to use the original Nero software that came with my Sony DVD drive and now I can capture those frames.
All the points are for you. You are a true expert.
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