Does this switch support uni or bi-directional spanning

I am about to install surf control web filter and need to know if the switch I have linked to below supports either uni-directional spans or bi-directional spans or neither.

Has anyone any ideas?

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it's a cheap unmanaged switch, it cannot do vlans, hence they cannot be spanned.  

Will you have success with surfcontrol packet rewrites?  no not natively.  Just add a cheap HUB from to the mix

internet -> internet router -> cheap hub -> Netgear big switch
                                            |                   |      |        |       |
                                            |               pc1   pc2    pc3    pc4
                                       surf control
                                       filter and log

must use a hub, check ebay if unavailble in your area,  If you don't want to risk instability you need to get a managed switch either in place of your Netgear or in place of the cheap hub in my diagram.  All internet packets need to be heard by the surf control system for it to work

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roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks for the very fast response Carl

At the company where I am doing this work, I have just removed an old hub and replaced it with the netgear. So I basically insert a hub in between the netgear and the router and connect the surf control server to the hub. I presume I use the single network setup for surf control in this case then. Is this correct?


Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
i would strongly suggest you go with a managed switch instead and avoid the hub altogether. while carl is correct a hub there would work as all the traffic from the switch upling would get mirrored to the surf control, it makes the solution less stable and that usually a good idea.

what type of internet router do you have? what type of WAN connectivity do you have?

cheers, -rp
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right, easy peasy.

I guess it depends on what your budget.  For 24 gigabit, going from unmanaged to managed will cost about 10X the money.  I just looked it up 24port gig baseline from 3com ~$350, 24 port gig managed ~$3150.

do you really need gigabit on this deivice.  A happy medium can be achieved with managed 24 10/100 plus 2 gig for ~$750

If using a hub, at least the instability is limited to internet access, which is may be something your client can tolerate.

Suprised someone doesnt make a little gadget for datacapture or filtering that does exactly this.
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
They have a 1MB ADSL conection with a PTE ADSL router which was there when I arrived. It has a built in 4 port switch.

If only I had read the instructins for surf control before I bought them the switch. They wont be happy if I say that I have bought them the wrong one. I will have to go down the hub root and see how it goes. Perhaps if it gives be greaf I will think about getting a replacement switch.

Just out of interest what is the model of the $750 switch you mentioned carl.

here is a today example
~$300.00 US
You could pick up a Baystack 450 off Ebay for about $50-$75.  It's 24 port 10/100 fully manageable and can do mirroring (spanning) in both directions.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
model # on the router? you might luck out (doubtful but you never know) and find that it has a managed switch there, in which case you can VLAN two of those ports span across them and use the unmanaged switch outright.
yeah check the webadmin for that PTE unit (never heard of those on this side of the tracks) maybe it has port spanning.
Maybe it is a fake switch (and packets leak from port to port) I've seen hubs labeled switches before.  Try it.

internet -> internet router swport1    swport2 -> Netgear big switch
                                            |                          |      |        |       |
                                            |                        pc1   pc2    pc3    pc4
                                       surf control
                                       filter and log
>> I've seen hubs labeled switches before

As an aside, I was looking to pick up a NEW small hub for sniffing - and ran into this.  It seems the economics of manufacturing have come to the point where it is much cheaper for manufacturers to make switches and call them "hubs" even though they're really switched.  The MOST "hub like" device I could find had a switch between the 10Mb side and the 100Mb side.  What a PITA!
roy_battyDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys.
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