Matlab JPEG Encoder

Ok, I have searched and searched, but no luck. Matlab doesnt seem to have a section here!!

Basically new to Matlab environment, an I want a simple JPEG encoder/decoder, doesn't need to be complex and have the entropy encoding/decoding and frame builder blocks.

Plenty of code for C, and Java, except I need MATLAB!!

Can anybody help, or show me where to get help.

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Matlab comes with it's own image processing
You have to have the "Image processing tool box" installed

See here how to see if yo have it installed and a few of the basic commands

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Omer_85Author Commented:
Hey WelkinMaze,

Already tried this one, way too complicated. They have gone over the top. Imm just looking for a simple one, for which I can follow the code, and understand what is going on..

Not too sure bout your solution hes, but i'll go through it in detail, see if it help. I'll kepp you posted..


Omer_85Author Commented:
I worked it out.

Its kind of different to other programming languages, however they have a massive help file, which led me in the right way..

And seeing as you two are the only ones that commented, points will be split.

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