PHILIPS CDRW/DVD CDD5263 On HP nx9030 NoteBook

I have a list of DVD Rom's , all of them can Play & Run very well on a DVD Drive installed on a Desktop PC (& also tested on a DELL Laptop)

but the problem with me is : Some of these DVD Rom's are not functioning on my NoteBook & Other NoteBook of the same features & Specifications as mine "HP nx9030" (the DVD Drive seems trying to run them but without a positive results & doesn't show me the content of these DVD's (Princo DVD's not the Samsung's ones ))

The List of DVD Rom's that are functioning on my NoteBook very well, include these writings on them :

"Samsung PleoMax DVD-R 8X 120Min/4.7GB"

& the list of DVD ROM's that are not functioning, include these writings on them:

"Samsung PleoMax DVD+R 8X 120Min/4.7GB" & "Princo DVD-R 1-4X Speed 120Min/4.7 GB"

I need to know if there is a solution to my problem ?!

My Computer Specifications are:

Intel Procossor Centrino 1.6GHZ
512 MB RAM
Windows XP Professional SP2

NB: All these DVD's contain Data & are burned using the Nero Software (Last Version) using a DVD Writer installed on a Desktop PC ...
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No real answer, but some things to look at :

 some drives do not read well some brands of dvd's
If you used INCD; you need to have that installed in order to read them
Were those DVD's closed at writing? some drives do not like that either
If a firmware update for the drive doesn't help, you'll just have to use that media which you have tested to work. DVD Drives are very senesitive to different media, and are usually calibrated to work better on certain brands...
tarik_bizriAuthor Commented:
I didn't find a firmware update for the DVD on the internet :S :S :S

I have also burned about 8 DVD's from the Princo Company :-D

But Why all the DVD ROM's are working well on a DVD Drive installed on a Desktop PC & Not Working on my Laptop ???

NB: If u can find me a firmware update on the internet, tell me Plz !!!
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Not all drives are the same quality. You can also get the same problems on Desktop DVD drives. If you can't find a firmware update there probably isn't one (yet). I've also checked the internet and couldn't find any.

Sometimes if you can set a slower burning speed this might help to read the disk on drives you have problems with.
tarik_bizriAuthor Commented:
I have faced another problem :S !!!

i have burned a DVD ROM "Samsung PleoMax DVD-R 8X 120Min/4.7GB" (Which was working before) using the Windows Writing Method found in the Windows XP OS ... & the DVD ROM also didn't work & i tested that DVD ROM using the DVD Writer i used to burn the DVD

i am facing a real problem now ... i don't know which DVD ROM Brand i must use in order to avoid the problems !!!
seems your laptop burner is gone kaputt - look for a replacement  at the reseller, or on ebay, unless it still has warranty left

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What do you mean using the windows writing method found in windows XP OS? Windows XP only supports writing to CD's, and not DVD's. In order to write to DVD's you allways need 3rd party software like nero... If you used a paket writer driver like InCD (which comes with nero) or DirectCD (included with roxio products) which fool the OS so that the CD looks like a HD so you can use the explorer to copy to them, I strongly advise against using those, paketwriting doesn't use a standardized format and can't be read everywhere, it also tends to wreak havoc with your windows installation. I never even install these tools.
tarik_bizriAuthor Commented:
i think i have found the solution to my Problem :-D

But i haven't tried it yet , & the reason is that my Laptop has lost the Power and not turning On at all :S

the DVD's are now running well on a Laptop as the same Specification & properties as mine (HP nx9030), but the difference between them (& hope u trust me), is the SP Number.

My Laptop contains the SP2 Version of Windows XP, while on the Other Laptop, only contains the SP1 Version of Windows XP ... realy amazing problem :-D

I don't realy know to whom i must give the points of this Question !!! Me, NoBus,Rindi ???
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