Pute a disk in drive A Put a cd in drive e

I have a unique problem that is related to another problem
 (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Q_21811899.html) but because the other problem is a bummer, I wanted to seperate it.

The floppy drive A and the internal cd E are both recognized by the XP Pro op system.  I have reinstalled the system but I still get the Put a disk in Drive a or a Put a cd in Drive e everytime I try to use them.

There are no yellow exclamation points beside them and Device Manager says they are both working correctly.

But because I am getting the same type of message I am wondering if it is something common to both (maby a setting in BIOS or whatever).  I have done F9 (reload bios defaults but this has not fixed the problem).

I am going to give this one 500 points as if this can be fixed, I can go a long way in fixing the other problem (see above).

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone.
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Are the drives recognised in the BIOS? Go into the basic settings and check.

Eliminate the obvious first!
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Hi Bob -- and Happy Easter.

Since XP "sees" both devices, the channels are clearly enabled in the BIOS -- but I'd still boot to the BIOS setup and look at what it is reporting for these devices.   I'm also wondering if you're having a resources assignment conflict with the PCI IDE card on the system.   If your BIOS has a "Plug 'n Play" OS setting, be sure it is set to NO (e.g. disabled).   That will force the BIOS to assign resources at that level -- which is necessary for a boot.

Finally, if the above doesn't help; unplug the PCI IDE card and see if the system then "sees" the internal devices (try to boot to a Win98 floppy, a Knoppix CD, etc.).

I agree that if you can resolve this issue your other problem will be much easier to resolve as well.

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You have a bad BIOS.  It is time to get a new motherboard.  You can try resetting the BIOS to the factory defaults, by shorting the MB jumper when the power is off for 2 minutes, putting the jumper back and restarting without making any changes to the BIOS.  But if it persists, next try to remove both the CD and floppy and try each without the other, then different ones borrowed from friends.  In the end, the board BIOS is probably brain dead.
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did you try replacing the drive(s) and cables?
you can test them on another system, or test other drives on yours, they can be bad
bob733Author Commented:
I took out the A floppy from another real old system and put it into this system.  And it works.  So, I wanted to do an image (with the ide pci hd being the only pci card in so that I can fall back easily).

 I was able to boot into the system with bootit on the floppy.  Went to Maintence and clicked on Image.  THe paste message appears but the Paste option is grayed out.  I even created another partition but it is still grayed out.  Anyone have ideas.

Remember, I have to fix this problem before going on to the pci conflict problems.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You DID choose "Image" first and select a partition to image -- right??
(Paste is normally greyed out until you get the "Paste Pending for Image Creation" note at the bottom of the display after selecting a partition to image)
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Does Boot-It display the partitions for the drive?   If not, you probably have a failed drive -- which would explain why you can't image it;  if so, then post the details of what the partition display shows.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... just saw your other question that indicates you decided the drive has failed.   From the info you posted, that's a reasonable conclusion -- BUT, with the issues you're having with this system (failed floppy; failed CD; failed IDE controller; etc.) I would put that drive on an IDE channel in another PC and confirm that it's not an issue with your PCI bus on this computer.   This MAY be a motherboard issue on this PC (in which case it's time to retire it).
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