Adprep completed successfully by still getting "The version of the Active Directory schema of the forest is incompatible..."

I've got a Windows 2000 domain and have run Adprep fully and without errors (/forestprep, /domainprep, /domainprep /gpprep) on the DC.  I'm now trying to add a new Server 2003 R2 server as a DC and am still seeing the message suggesting Adprep needs to be run.

I'm going to provide a great deal of history; no doubt some is relevant, apologies for that which is not.

Up until last weekend, this very small domain consisted of two servers - A and B.  Both A and B were Server 2000/SP4 using either a VLK or MSDN I think (definitely not SBS).  Server A provided Terminal Services, DNS, DHCP, printing....pretty much everything.  B existed as a standby server in case something went wrong, as well as acting as another DC.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Server A died last weekend (mirrored hard drive failed, server hung during backups, subsequent reboots got worse and ultimately resulted in inaccessible_boot_device).  B was quickly configured as a Terminal Server, apps and printers were installed, but nothing DC-related was done.

Over the past week, logins were a little slow and one winterm box started having a licensing problem on Thursday, but generally speaking things were running ok.  In the meantime, I was rebuilding Server A as Server 2003 R2 on a mutually exclusive network.

Yesterday, using several great articles from this site along with one from Microsoft and several from Petri's site, I removed the failed Server A from the domain.  I was able to successfully seize all 5 roles, clean up the metadata, removed all traces in ADSIedit, DNS, etc.

Once this was completed, I ran adprep as mentioned at the beginning, and completed that without errors.  The 2003 version of Server A was added to the domain as a member server, then I attempted to dcpromo it, and got the message which suggested Adprep needed to run.  I found an article with info from Netman66 regarding the rights of the Enterprise Admins/Schema Admins/Domain Admins, and discovered the Schema Admins didn't have full rights to the Schema in ADSIedit (I think Domain and/or Enterprise admins had rights problems too but don't have good notes from it).  I corrected the rights problems.

It's important to note that the rebuilt Server A has the same name as it used to.

I found that Adprep wouldn't run because it had already completed successfully.  Through some research and trial-and-error, I discovered I could change the revision property of the Windows2003update areas in ASDIedit and Adprep would go ahead and rerun.  Also found that it checks each setting to see if it exists, and skips steps for any existing.  Ran Adprep again, still got the message.

Tried removing the server from the domain, and dcpromo as a standalone server, to no avail.  Then renamed the server (so as not to be identical to the failed server), added back to the domain as a member server and attempted dcpromo, without success.

I ran a repadmin /showreps and found several references to the old server under 'incoming neighbours', all three references had 'deleted DSA' in them.  I've also walked the entire DNS tree to ensure nothing (including _msdcs, SOA, NS, host/alias, etc) referenced Server A.

Short on ideas at this point.  Anyone have any?
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Hi bconrey,

just need to clarify that you ran ADPREP from the 2003 R2 disks, the prep tool is very different from standard and even if you ran a standard adprep, when introducing R2 you need to run it again from the second disk that is supplied


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bconreyAuthor Commented:
The media kit I received was R2 (never had pre-R2 media).  I was doing some of this work remotely, so I copied adprep.ini, exe, sch*.ldf and 409.* (going from memory on that, but it was whatever files adprep said it needed to run) to a location on Server B and ran adprep from there.

To answer your question, yes, everything used was from the R2 media.  Just providing the extra info in case it matters...
Copy the entire second disk to the server then run it from there.

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bconreyAuthor Commented:

I had, as I mentioned, run adprep...but from the i386 directory.  I didn't see anything about needing to run it from the second disc, and I'll be darned - i386 brought the schema up to v30, disc2's adprep brought the schema up to v31, and now I'm set.

Thanks Jay_jay, thanks Netman66.

Make sure you credit Jay - he brought it to your attention first.

bconreyAuthor Commented:
Good point, I didn't catch that until I re-read his comment.  Now I just need to figure out how to switch or split the points.

Thanks again.

Post a Q in Community Support linking to this question.  Ask the Mods to correct it.

Glad you got it sorted :)

Cheers Both
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