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I would like to know
-if ASP.net is installed withh IIS server or separate and what do they mean by Web Server, Application Server and Web Application

-a simple example of when EnableViewState needs to be true or false

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Regarding definitions:
Web Server - the server that serves web content to the client browsers. It requests fles from several sources(filesystem, web applications, etc...) In windows it is IIS which acts also as an Application Server.
Application Server - service that is capable of running web applications and from there delivering content to external services like web server.
Web Applcation - application written by user, in this forum context it may be ASP.NET application. Application consists of configuration file (web.config) application controler class Global.asax and aspx pages. Web Application runs within Application server.

Regarding ViewState. As you probably know Viewstate is the state of the controls, that is being sent to the user browser in encoded form every time the page postbacks.
It may be sometimes helpfull to get rid of the viewstate to decrease number of bytes sent to the browsers. On the other hand it might be used in several other places:
Viewstate persists control state, so you might not want to do this. This may be for example for textbox with user password. It will be needed only once, whenthe postbacks so ou do not need to persist this information.
EnableViewState can be set also for some one time message labels. If you make the label invisible at design time and disable viewstate, then when you set its visibility to true it will show only once - it will disapear after second postback.

jskfanAuthor Commented:
regarding the first point, if you are an ASP.NET with VB.NET programmer, can you tell me where are you going to install the Visual Studio/VB.Net/ASP.net and the IIS in order to build a web application?

I think IIS is installed on the windows server.I also think the Database will reside in the SQL server. what about the rest?

VB.NET and ASP.NET comes with .NET Framework. ASP.NET is installed if you have IIS installed previously.
Typical folder is %WINDOWSFOLDER%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ sub folders contain different version of .NET Framework (for v1.1 it is v1.1.4322).
Visual studio is installed where the installer ask it to be installed. Default folder is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
for other versions of visual studio path is similiar tough different by version.
Oh, if you're asking about server it is best to have Visual studio on the same machine that IIS is run :)
It is not needed for the production tough.

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