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Fraudulent blacklisting

i've been put on someones blacklist WRONGLY how do I pressure them to remove me. They ask 250.00/hr 2 hr minimum for removal. I think it's a scam. What is legal recourse? The page is blars.org.
2 Solutions
BLARS.ORG is a scam in my opinion.  No legitimate email server should be using this as a SPAM prevention list.  Take up your complaint with the site USING this list not with the *sshole who maintains this list.

The best I can tell, inclusion on the BLARS list is totally arbitrary and getting off is next to impossible.  Even if you do pay the ransom they ask, there is nothing to prevent them from listing you again next week:


Talk to your lawyer about legal recourse but I think you'll find there is little if anything you can do.  But the bottom line is that the server who USE this list are the ones who are choosing to use it.
noopsteinAuthor Commented:
This is a concise answer and I would accept now but I hope for additional recourse from other folks.  Probably none to be had.
Does any one know what a "1 meg bomb" is?
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Who would buy that list? Seems lame, and very lazy... blocking an whole /16 rather than the /24 or the smaller number... since when to spammers buy or use sequential or even same subnet's?
You could call or write this person via their WHOIS data:
Domain Name:BLARS.ORG
Created On:14-Apr-2000 23:30:36 UTC
Last Updated On:26-Mar-2006 23:37:00 UTC
Expiration Date:14-Apr-2007 23:30:36 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Go Daddy Software, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-01429546
Registrant Name:Robert Larson
Registrant Street1:3384 Scarboro St
Registrant City:Los Angeles
Registrant State/Province:California
Registrant Postal Code:90065
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.3233431073
Registrant Email:blarson@blars.org
Admin ID:GODA-21429546
Admin Name:Robert Larson
Admin Street1:3384 Scarboro St
Admin City:Los Angeles
Admin State/Province:California
Admin Postal Code:90065
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.3233431073
Admin Email:blarson@blars.org
Tech ID:GODA-11429546
Tech Name:Robert Larson
Tech Street1:3384 Scarboro St
Tech City:Los Angeles
Tech State/Province:California
Tech Postal Code:90065
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.3233431073
Tech Email:blarson@blars.org
Name Server:NS.BLARS.ORG

Or contact his/her ISP for further assistance:
[Querying whois.arin.net]
Speakeasy, Inc. SPEAKEASY-3 (NET-64-81-0-0-1)
Speakeasy Network DSL SPEK-DSL-BR26-0 (NET-64-81-32-0-1)
But in this case your best bet is to go to the source. With the laziness described on the page, this person will block spoofed mail without thinking twice or further investigation. Headers are not to be trusted, and it sounds like someon has a perl script that reads the headers, does a whois on the ip's, and blocks the entire block of IP's... and someone subscriibed to that list... tis a shame. Legally there is nothing to be done unless you feel this is extortion, then you have plenty of recourse. You can also send a nice and thorough email, CC'ing blars.org, to the FTC http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/edcams/spam/consumer.htm

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Keith AlabasterCommented:
Do you know WHY they added you?
noopsteinAuthor Commented:
The why is the big question. The site is largely an intellectual excersize in database and server sice processing at this time. When I get all bugs out I'll be happy to submit and start getting business but to date in two years I have only received 1800 or so hits(mostly me). I do absolutly no advertising. Checked with my server and they see no evidence of any spamlike behavior (I thought maybe someone hijacked it). Jhance above suspects extortion, I concur, but I don't think the perp is a bad guy. Power not money is his motive I think. Did you go to his home page and take a peek at his photo. He is a little nobody stuck in the scifi/rennaisance fantasy cults(I can relate) who can garner attention in this way. Pity is he's jacking with his brother. We have had a booth two years running at one of the rennaissance fairs he advertises for. Also an avid sci/fi fan.
His report said that two of the sites on his list are there because they had no abuse@ email available. So I put one in NBD.
I find it hard to believe someone would mess with another persons livelyhood for that. I really don't want to get this misguided kid in trouble with the FTC, I half think the 250.00/hr thing is a power trip joke (typical juvenile behavior) BUT
it will be the next step. I have already informed the district attorney in LA of his presence as an internet predator and an online scam by way of a formal complaint. Pity a mind like this cannot be directed to a more productive pursuit soas to truly help people(it seems to be his intent sort of). I hate threatening anyone for any reason because it just breeds more little pinheads like Bob Larson: he got pooped on enough so he became that which he hated(humans, Go Figure). Stuff like this will ruin the web

                                                      Thanks to both of you for your help
> Do you know WHY they added you?

Most likely it's not YOU, who has been added, but anyone else within the same subnet. Since that freak only lists whole subnets, another customer of your provider's who did some kind of abuse might be enough to put you also on the list. My gosh, what a freak....

> Does any one know what a "1 meg bomb" is?
A ballistic or nuclear weapon you probably want to aim at blars.org? ;-)

noopsteinAuthor Commented:
Much ado elsewhere about this topic all of a sudden. Found new stuff daily naming this site specifically. Another as well which I believe Bob simply mirrors the list data from. Osirussoft.something There is an illumination of mistakes made in blocking a company which perfectly describes my appearance on the list(but it's not me). Osirus seems to be the real Knob in the pile Bob is just a wannabe subknob. Not surprising that the site is named after a god, he fancies himself one. This scathing names the owner of the site as  a pig headed dumm dumm. On the good side I'm unblocked. Whether it was the pleading/ threat(doubtfull) or the complaint to the DA of his jurisdiction or every one rising up together on the net and saying "NO"(what a concept),I don't know but something worked. Thank you all for help and support it made a big headache a minor pain.


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