Location of Norton Systemworks 2006 Activation Code?


I installed Norton Systemworks 2006 on a friends computer and recently it said the subscription had expired for some reason.

Upon just doing a basic uninstall and re-install, I noticed that when I was installing the 2nd time that it already knew my serial number, which told me there were pieces of it left somewhere.

So I un-installed the program and I also deleted the install folders and ran SymNRT.exe

This time when I re-install it asked me for the Serial number again which is good, but it has the Activation Code still saved somewhere.  Does anyone know a registry key or file location where this is?   I have an activation code that I can use from before, but it never asks me for it, it just keeps saying that I must activate and my subscription is expired.

So I just need to delete the folder, or file, or registry setting that contains the activation information and I should be good, just need to find where that is.

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Greetings, diablo-26 !

Norton hides the activiation code well.  It could be buried within a file or hidden in a registry.  This is to prevent someone from reinstalling to get another year of free subscription.

You need to contact Symantec directly about the expiration date error.  Or if you are only concern about the antivirus, use AVG, which is free

Best wishes!
diablo-26, any update?
diablo-26Author Commented:

I never found the code... so I just took it off for right now.  Might get that AVG and give that a shot.  


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