Outlook Express Templates - suddenly changes to 'view' email rather than 'edit/send'

I have a client running Outlook Express and uses a few templates on his desktop to create mail-shots.

Normally, when double-clicking on any of these templates (.eml), outlook express fires up and presents the email ready to be edited complete with To, Cc, Bcc, Subject boxes available to enter info and send the message.

A few days ago this behaviour changed to simply 'viewing' the message instead of being to edit to send it (no boxes to enter to, cc, etc and not able to edit the text).

The only way I could find around this was to use system restore and set it back a couple of days and it worked fine... until today :-( Again the message cannot be edited but simply viewed.

Wherever I look for info on templates for OE they all suggest that the behaviour is to open it for editing but nothing about this problem.

Registry and OE settings have been checked but I can't see anything that would cause this.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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See if automatic updates had been enabled. An ie related update can cause similar issues. Check to see if any updates are there which had been installed during this period in control panel > add/remove programs.
Also see if there were any other programs installed during this period.  

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