Anyone has a database of countries and regions?

Hi all

I need a relational databse of countries and regions, which must have a comprehensive list of counties and regions and sub-regions.

Does anyone know of any company that specialises in this kind of data?

I would like the data in one of the following format:

MS Access
Flat files

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This site might have something that would help:

It comes in a flat file, here are the specs:

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download the csv file here
atlast i found the file here it is
and the source is frm
hope it works for you
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Just throwing my .02 cents in here, but I would go with Sam's link. That or the ISO listing of countries and subdivisions (this will include political subdivisions). I am sure the other lists are fine, but Sam's link points to a site that maintains the FIPS 10-4 (think this is the right designator) country list standard for the US government. Going with a standard, either FIPS or ISO, will insure a couple of things:

1. Timely updates
2. Accuracy (well, most of the time ;-).
3. Compatability with other information systems

Just a few thoughts from someone who had to learn this the hard way. I don't expect any points here, just giving advice.



Oops, forgot to add that FIPS is free, while I believe you have to pay for ISO product and updates.
uncle_medAuthor Commented:
Hi guys

Thanks for your contribution.
Some very nice links, but I need a relational database, ie, countrycode, carried over to region file. for example:

CountryCode   Country
10                  France

RegionCode   CountryCode    Region
110               10                   Paris

I've looked at the links provided. The closest one to what I'm looking for is, but its still not in a any data format that I can easily read using a script or a program. The only thing I can do is write a crawler to read the links and even if I manage that, the regions are limited to a maximum of 200 per records search.

The links sent by samb39 are great, but as far as I can see there is just country codes, and there are tens of thousands of regions which is far too much detail. I need this data for a real estate business, that sells property (mostly in European countries) and major towns & cities.


uncle_medAuthor Commented:
Forgot to mention

smartjen4u countrylist.csv is very good. Its exactly the kind of format I need, but it only has the capital of each country. Do you have a similar file which includes major regions for each country?


I use the FIPS 10-4 standard (only the upper most tier - country names and codes), and I know it has more than just country codes. Did you download the files? The NGA site can be a little confusing.

Another source of information may be the CIA World Factbook. It is available online, though the URL escapes me at the moment. Try a google search. Not sure about the breadth of the data, though. For instance, it may not be broken down into major metropolitan areas per country, if that makes sense.

Two other possible sources, at least from an American-centric view, are: US Department of Commerce and the US Department of State. Both would probably maintain the data that you are search for. Of course, by the time you get through to the right person to answer your questions, might have been easier to just by commercial products.

Another thought occurs to me: EU government entities. Have you tried the EU equivelant to the US Department of Commerce?
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