Intermittent freezing while playing video games

For some reason when I play WoW or City of Heroes, it will intermittently freeze from what i can tell is no apparent reason. The freezing doesnt actually lock up the computer though. The screen will stay frozen but the music that i have playing in the background will continue for about 7-10 seconds, then the music will stop as well. After about 5 seconds of nothing happening it will continue playing normally. Lately however it will happen over and over again until i have to restart my computer to be able to do anything. I have an AMD 2800+, 1 gig of 2700 ram, an Asus 6800GT, and a Creative Audigy 2. My PS is a 420 watt Raidmax. I have the newest drivers and have tried reinstalling them. I have even formatted my hard drives, but the problem persists What can i do to fix this/What is wrong?
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chk ur cpu temp. in bios it should be less then 56-58 degrees if it exeeds then chk the CPU fan speed the rpm should be between then 2550 to 3600 rpm if its lower than this - the original amd fan which comes along with the cpu. in case the numbers given here not matching with your system's numbers i.e. if the fan speed is lower then remove the fan and clean it properly there should not be any dust layer in the aluminiumheat sink. as well as on fan and check that fan is moving smoothly nad not making any noice. if its making noice pls. replace the CPU fan. also check u have proper heat vent. system in your cabinet. minimum u should have 3 case cooler fans installed inside the cabinet.

tis problem is basically due to heat. processor is not able to perform all the processes, at times whene the CPU as well as GPU temp. goes above specific level.

by basic maintenance measures u should be able to come out of this problem..

Sounds like overheating.  What temperatures are you reading?
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

Have you checked the Video Card to see how hot it is? it should be around 39 degrees. Also what you might want to do is change your processor. 2800+ is about 3 years old. also what type of music player are you using? try and change your page File for you computer also. to do this right click my computer,Properties, Advanced, Settings button on Performance, Advanced Tab, Change Button, change the minimum number to match the maximum number and then click Set.

Hope this helps
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I had exactly this same problem, and tracked it back to a bad DVD cut and/or a bad DVD reader.  If you are playing from a commercial DVD, suspect the drive is not working right, or not reading the file right.  If not using DVD, then you are dealing with a video problem with the Creative Audigy card.  These are well known for this kind of video issue, you can try updating the drivers, and go into performance hardware settings (display properties, video card, troubleshoot tab), and decrease the video acceleration, but that may not work.  However, if you installed another video card and drivers, problem will likely go away.  
This used to happen to me, and it turned out to be my anti-virus trying to do stuff while I was playing.  Try turning off your anti-virus.
viper7904Author Commented:
Ok so i realised that i hadnt cleaned out my case for a while, so i did just that and now it does not have any problems any more! thank you to everyone but it looks like the problem was very simple to fix.
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