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Serial Number Needed!

Ah, got your attention.

Yes, I do need one, but for my program.

I would like the serial number to be 3 sets of 2 numbers:

Ex. 12-43-56

I would like each serial to be unique to each machine.

Any small function will do, but something unique and clever. All I come up with was using the computername which has been done a thousand times.

Some rough but working example would be great. I need some ideas to exand on.
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> Ah, got your attention.

> I would like each serial to be unique to each machine.

You mean generate something unique based on the hardware or os running on the pc.
You can use a hash based on the MAC address of a network card. Or use the harddisk volume id.

A serial number of this type will give you just 1000000 possible combinations.
Furthermore, I don't think these kind of codes are very welcomed by the user - what will happen if the user changes his network card or hard drive.
It's highly dependant on the kinf of program you want to protect what protection to use.
But generally in the most cases the efforts for elaborating of a certain protection do not worth themselves. The hackers out there are too good..
It's better to pick up some simple protection mechanism and to put more of your efforts in creating of features of your software that will make the user to want to pay for it.
How about using the installation date/time in some form?

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Have you tried google.com :-)

You could use random number generation functions..

rand() and srand()


Random numbers won't be unique to the machine. a 6 digit serial number isn't very many numbers. At the very least, create a long number and only use 6 internally - but don't reveal that secret to the world.

And Paul, HDD volume id can be changed by the user. I think you must be referring to the hard drive serial number. That is unique to the drive and cannot be changed (without getting into the drive electronics).

As for terms... serial numbers are usually assigned by the manufacturer in sequence as product is shipped. It usually isn't connected to a machine or installation. What you are probably looking for is an activation or registration number. There would be a lot of use making these tied to some constant value in your computer. Paul's suggestion of HDD serial number (corrected) or MAC address off your ethernet card are theleast changing values in you computer - using those would serve you well.


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Many many network cards let you change the MAC address from the control panel.

There is no good way of getting a deterministic and unchangeable.

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