Windows XP Pro SP2 Firewalll boggle (pfirewall.txt) ...

Using the Microsoft Windows Firewall ... How can I clear the firewall log that
is automatically saved into a file called pfirewall?  I want to CLEAR the file
out and/or have it start over from scratch?  

You cannot delete this file.  You can not edit the file.  Is there any work around
to this?

NOTE:  I was 'thinking' that I could simply go back in and 'adjust' the size of the file from taking up as much as 4096KB ... to something really LOW like 1KB ... Maybe that will purge the stuff from the file?
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if you set the size down, it should get pruned automatically.  it might also become available to delete (as in not in use anymore) if you turn the firewall off temporarily, but if you do this.. disconnect from the internet first!

otherwise, you can use something like 'killbox' to delete the in-use file...
killbox download can be found here:
(it's mainly used to delete spyware files that are in use).

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
It might be easier to just 'filter' the firewall log to view the data...  For instance, on a date basis...  Free and easy to use...

With Windows XP Firewall Log Viewer you can:

    * view the log
    * sort the log
    * filter the log
    * view statistics
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:

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