Is what i am saying on JSP true?

Finishing off my dissertation I have a little section on jsp not knowing jsp well could some one look at what I have wrote just below at comment what I am saying?

 Its only short, just your opinions to point me in the right direction  I would much appreciate it, Many thanks  

what are the important things about jsp becuase so far it looks the same as asp!



Java Server Pages (JSP) was created by Sun Microsystems as their solution for creating dynamic web content using HTML pages on the fly. Basically same principle of embedded code in a HTML page as explained in 3.5 ASP only in the JAVA perspective.

A JSP page has the extension .jsp and can use APIs the same as Java, because it is java embedded in HTML such as a system called JavaBeans. JavaBeans are like a library based system, in comparison using JavaBeans in JSP is much like the tag libraries in ColdFusion. NOT SURE ABOUT THAT IS THAT TRUE?

Both JSP and ColdFusion we derived from java. Using JavaBeans in JSP allows the developer to easily change the logic of the web application without having to edit script on every .jsp page. This is a very impressive tool for developers and helps free up time by not doing repetitive tasks.  
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Was not Tim's answer good at  your last question on this ? 
Did you go to the sun site and read the pages oc JSP there ? Tim gave links.  
Anyway your description is wrongly limiting JSP to HTML output. From sun I quote
"JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology provides a simplified, fast way to create web pages that display dynamically-generated content."  
The output can be anything you want even an image.
>such as a system called JavaBeans.
JavaBeans are just a convenience. JSP can call any plain old java objects(POJO) as well.
 Don't close this question to quickly. I am sure you will get more comments.   rrz
Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
pigmentartsAuthor Commented:
Tim's answer was very good and want to get all my information together before i rewrite correctly. links you guys have give are greate few hours of reading up should get my under standing up, well i hope!
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pigmentartsAuthor Commented:
ok taking on board what he guys have said and doing some research this what i am now staying, sounds better?????


Scripts in JSP are usually embedded within HTML pages, but JSP can use other APIs in the same way as JAVA. This is because JSP’s heart is set in Sun’s JAVA technology, allowing JSP to merge its HTML feel with dynamic JAVA components resulting in rich dynamic web-based content/applications.

In a similar method to HTML’s use of tags, JSP can has several predefined tags available out of the box helping to reduce bloated or the need to duplicated code. JSP1.1 allowed developers to build their own tag based library, giving the ability to reuse and encapsulate code in an even better object orientated fashion.

JavaBeans are a similar principle to tags in ASP, both can be used to encapsulate functionality within pages. Tiring to differentiate which to use where is what JAVA developer Simon Brown reported on in his recent online article, he went on to describe JavaBeans as “non-visual components, better for maintaining session information” and tags as “actions common functionality that generates dynamic HTML or controls the page in some way” (Encapsulate reusable functionality,

pigmentartsAuthor Commented:
anyone please feel free!
Hi pigmentarts,
>Scripts in JSP are usually embedded within HTML pages
True, JSP is a combination of scriptlets and java on the server side. On the web browser the code is only plain html(You cannot see the scriptlets)

>In a similar method to HTML’s use of tags, JSP can has several predefined tags available out of the box helping to reduce bloated or the need to duplicated code
JSP allows scriptlets(i.e java code), not tags. Tags are provided by JSTL and struts and other frameworks which come with taglibs. Yes you can get some other taglibs and also develop some of your own. JSP is not all good, if not used properly can mix up a lot of java code in your html content which makes it very difficult to maintain.
Taglibs help to clear your html code from java codes, so it helps a lot.


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