interpret firefox errors


Is there any helpful way to interpret javascript/html errors that are reported by the firefox browser? I will get some dumps like:

Error: Error in parsing value for property 'width'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File: http://localhost/website/TryIt.php#
Line: 0

In TryIt.php I have a bunch of includes, and it looks like the line number reports are kinda useless. Like there is nothing at line 0 relating to 'width'.

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i find the best way to deal with debugging includes is to load a page, save it to a file and upload it to

use the advanced options to show source and you can see the instance of the error in the whole page

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If you put your includes in-line, for testing, then the line numbers in error reports begin to make sense.  Debug like that, and then put the corrected code back into the includes.  Also, even if you know the included files are good goods, you will be able to debug the parts in your main file which are tossing the errors.

I know combining the files is tedious, and maybe even error-prone itself, but it generally works.  I'm not sure, does using validator as describe above require all of the code in one file anyways?

Peace and joy.  mvan
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