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Changing NIC on a 2003 Server ?

I have a SBS2003 server with an Intel Pro100+ Server adapter, but the back connector seem to be faulty, hence the cable keep slipping out, I would like to change the card, but would it cause problems with DNS/AD or VPN etc ?

I tried it on a spare server, after changing the card, it lost all the static IP settings, so I manually had to re-enter them, when I did that, it kept telling me that the IP ( is assigned to another Intel Pro100+ Server adapter but hidden from view as the server cant locate the card.

The test server seems to work ok except I am getting AD error 4015, I just like to confirm this with an expert before I physically changes the faulty NIC.
I can log onto the test server, open Exchange emails, all shared folders seem to kept their status as before.

2 Solutions
Windows will remember the old NIC was there, even after you remove it. To prevent those "ip already in use" messages, just take the IP off the old NIC before you shut the system down to remove it.

Worst case, you'll only see that message when you set the IP info on the new NIC. The IP will still bind to the new NIC, and things continue to work as usual.

If you are using ISA and have anthing bound to a specific interface, not to an IP, then that may require reconfiguration to re-bind that stuff to the new interface. If you're not using ISA, then it's no big deal.

In the long run, after the old NIC has been removed, you can go into device manager, tell it to display hidden devices, find the old NIC, and remove it. That will make it go away completely. It isn't necessary to perform this step, it's just house cleaning.
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Hi robertdims,

The best way to replace a NIC on an SBS would be to UNINSTALL it in the device manager BEFORE removing the card.  This is because each network interface card is unique to the server and replacing a faulty one will be seen as "adding" a card... which is why you would have to reconfigure a new one.

After uninstalling the NIC, put the new one in and reboot the server.  This will allow it to find the new card.  You must then enter the appropriate IP address information on it and RERUN the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) from the Server Management Console.  If this is a two NIC configuration, and the card you are replacing is the external NIC, then you should also rerun the Remote Access Wizard.


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