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Is there a way to display a loading page in ASP? Many travel websites have this sort of a page while the website is checking the availability of flights. Our websites have many cases where such a page would be valuable:

A) While uploading a picture
B) While re-directing to one of our partner shops
C) For heavy search queries

I am looking at two possible scenarios:

A) A fake one where you just display a loading page for 3 seconds before redirecting to the actual page. This would just be a simple page asking our visitors for their patience. How can I do this while maintaining the submitted form data?

B) A real one where the ASP script is executing on the background and will display the results page once the script is finished?

Of course B) has the preference but perhaps it is not possible in ASP. Thanks!


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pgkooijmanAuthor Commented:
Read through the first bunch of solutions... not what i am looking for. Do not want any popups and my scenario is not about returning records and changing a table using javascript. Recap:

A) Simply delaying a redirect for 3 seconds and showing an in between page.
B) Displaying an in between page until an ASP script finishes executing, regardless whether it is a file upload, heavy query or whatever. Basically: Start Script & Dispay processing page, execute scripts, redirect to results page when done.

Let me know if these are possible and how. Thanks!

make it as function and output in page before ur code.

Response.Write("<DIV STYLE=\"position:absolute;");
Response.Write("z-index:5;top:40%;left:35%;\" align=\"center\">");
Response.Write("<img src=\"someimage.gif\" width=\"250\" height=\"20\">")
Response.Write("<div id='mydiv' >")
Response.Write(new string(' ', 260))

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i use a similar situation when uploading pics to a site.  I guess it could also be used for loading a page, etc...
anyways, here it is:
<div exp='yes' style="display:none;">
  <center><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Please wait while we upload your picture.<br /><br />
    <strong>NOTE:</strong>This window will close when the upload is completed. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<!--The above is what will be displayed while the image is being uploaded-->

<div exp='yes' style="display; ">
rest of page here, put the form, db content, etc...
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="UPLOAD THIS PIC" onclick="exp('div','exp');"><!--The submit button, which fires the displaying of the Please wait......-->
<!--The above is what will be displayed before hitting submit on the form-->
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