Blue Screen Problem

Hi, guys

I seem to running into a stream of bad luck this week.  My first laptop died, and now my second one is having a similar problem.

If the computer has been turned off for a period of time, it will boot into windows normally.  However, after a period of time--sometimes minutes, sometimes an hour--the computer will freeze with the following error:

1.  Blue Screen:  Messages of note are:  0x000007A; 0xc02018A4; 0xc000000E; 0x806297eb;  0x09eb3860
2.  When I attempt to reboot, I recieve the following error:  Operating System Can't Be Found

Additional Notes:
1.  I have ruled out the harddrive, as Active Smart has tested positive, and I am able to use the disk in other systems.
2.  Despite ruling out the harddrive, I DO hear an audible click every so often and the screen will freeze.
3.  The fact that it takes a 'cool down' period before it will boot normally, makes me suspect a CMOS problem
4.  I have reseated all of the components, and removed those unneccesary for basic operation to help in diagnosing this problem.  
5.  This computer fell out of warranty a week ago, but was serviced a month ago (harddrive replacement)-- should I be able to get them to do a follow-up service if they failed to fix it?
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
1) should not rule out this problem.
2) audible click is NOT good, sound like a loud TICK TICK
3) "cool down"??? how about suspect physical moving devices.... ->>> hardrive
4) good plan..
5) Explain the problem.. a good company will look to make you happy and 1 week....I'm sure they can help you out.

Operating system not found when you have one?  some data is getting lost....suspect bad drive.  you can run fix /mbr

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Sounds very likely to be a hard drive problem to me. The hard drive could be getting too hot to run reliably, particularly if it's a bit flakey - does it have good airflow over it?

If the hard drive was recently replaced, I would expect there to be a warranty on the replaced hard drive. You probably have some legal protection in this regard.
I agree with all of the above, but, perhaps, more likely the problem IS within the motherboard and hard drive controller, if this is the second drive to go. If you're hearing clicking from the drive, it's on it's way out. If the drive works fine in other systems, as you've said, it really points more to something that's happening within the system (note..the drive could be failing because of on board faults or faulty power). It could be the mainboard overheating, or the cpu adding excess heat to burn things up...but it could also be irregular voltages or fault in the power.
Check your temps onboard and for your cpu. If you don't have a monitoring program, SiSoftware Sandra has a temp reporting feature of the mainboard and cpu.
Is the click accompanied with a whirr or squeal? I'm leaning toward the cpu overheting the whole system. Monitoring the temps can help determine if it's the culprit.
Since it was serviced a month ago, and this is possibly the second drive to go, I agree with the advice above, but I would request to recheck the whole system for problems, as, apparently, they missed something last time.
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johnkirinAuthor Commented:
Very good advice.  I will install the temperature monitor and post the results tomorrow
You dont need to.  If the hard drive is clicking, the seek head is going, probably on the FAT sector, and you wont recover it, it will get worse.  The "cooling down" is a classic symptom of a failing hard drive.  It is dying, so get it out of the laptop ASAP, put it as a slave (w.2-3 adapter) on a desktop system, and get all your valuable data off it ASAP.  Tomorrow could be too late, you never know.  Buy a NEW Hitachi IBm hard disk for the unit and stop using refurb drives, data too crucial to lose to bad drive.
0x000007A is the error, the other numbers are it's parameters.

Caused when the operating system tries to load a page into memory from the paging file on the hard disk, but cannot access the page because of either a software or hardware failure.

If either the first or the third parameter is not a zero, then the following definitions apply:
1. Status code
2. I/O status code
3. Page file number
4. Offset into page file
If this is the case, the cause of this issue may be determined from the second parameter (the I/O status code) by using the following information that is listed in a "value of second parameter" followed by "general cause" format:

0xC000000E, or STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE: the drive went unavailable, possibly a bad hard drive, disk array, and/or controller card.

!! Microsoft also suggests this can be caused buy a BOOT Sector Virus. . !!!!!!

Easy way to test controller -- put drive in another system, and boot safe mode, or as I suggest above put as slave and see if all data gotten off.  Yes if 2nd drive, then change cable or reseat, and reset any BIOS setting about UDMA on drive to "factory default", generally turn UDMA and SMART off to determine if it is rally a MB-controller issue, or is the HDD.  Good luck
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
cool..thank you!
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