Linksys RV042 VPN/QuickVPN question

Hi, I have happly setup many sites with Linksys darling little RV042's and RV081's, even some BEFSX41's as end points and I love them, but this little problem keeps coming up.

Senereo, site A is connected to site B, each has a RV042, I setup a VPN connection between them, all is good so far...  Then they want remote access, no problemo, I hand out a few QuickVPN user accounts and off they go, connecting to their respective offices.  The problem starts when remote user connects to VPN site A through his QuickVPN, and wants a resource off site B, it won't let him, or me for that matter.  in fact, connected to site A through the client software, I can't ping, rdesktop, map a drive, view devices, or http to an inside device if it resides on site B, I have to disconnect from A, then connect to B.

I wish Linksys would tell me this is just not a function, that way I could let it rest, but they won't.  Am I mising something? or is this just not possible via their software?

Thanks a ton....
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when U connect to a VPN I understand that the VPN server hands out IP's depending on your settings it could be a DHCP or relay DHCP or assign a range, right?...
When connection is made for client's it's like having a separate LAN card(virtual obviously, therefore the name Virual Private Network VPN, right?)and you a separated from your LAN, so.... there might be a chance that if u set the VPN ip address to the same range as your office IP then they would see each other.
i.e.= Your officeB ip's are 192.168.2.x and the VPN assigns to clients 192.168.1.x then you should setup your VPN to give out ips in the range of 192.168.2.x... This might not be certified as OK, but it's a try.

It's a quicky test let us know...
You cannot VPN to a VPN endpoint and connect to another class C domain.  Windows does not allow it, there is a way you can "fudge" it in some cases, but the answer is NO, if you are VPNing int0 1.1.1.x, you will not be able to see computers on 1.1.90.x.  That is the limitations of VPN & network access.

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SlickTechAuthor Commented:
Thanx scratchboy, you have helped me yet again.
glad to help, remember, windows is not as smart as people expect of computers, they are still struggling to catch up to "normal peoples expectations".  Hope I can help in the future.
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