Failed to rebuild node contents: OALL8 is in an inconsistent state error

Hi Experts,

I have connected oracle DB via aqua data studio and I have this error("Failed to rebuild node contents: OALL8 is in an inconsistent state") when I click tables/views folder from aqua data studio explorer and I can't even excute query in query analyzer. I might have made my oracle schema inconsistent. While I was testing my program, I had this "maximum open cursors exceeded" error a few times and I am wondering if this error has anything to do this problem that I am having.

I apprecicate any input.
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actonwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
aqua data studio, if I am right, is using JDBC to connect to oracle database.

if this is the case, the problem has nothing to do with "maximum open cursors" (this is casued usually by your client software or apps)


This is known to occur under when you are using too big an array size. How big your array can be depends on the length of each record and the Driver/Database combination. If you exceed the maximum size you will get the "OALL8" SQLException and your connection object may become unusable.

This message is also created if you are using the following:
9.0.1 Database
10.1.0 JDBC Driver
Generated Code that passes in an ARRAY or VARRAY of VARCHAR2 as a Parameter
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