Moving Groupwise to a diffrent NDS tree

Hi, I want to test my Groupwise6 System form a Netware server to a Windows Server with ED873 in a diffirent NDS tree. I am doing this ot test the system out of production and upgrading it to Groupwise 7. I copied the domain, post office, dms etc to the windows 2003 box. I place the box out of production and installed ed873 created a new tree. I installed GroupWise adminsitrator files. I ran console1 form the 2003 box and conneced to the copied domain. I got prompted for ED user name and password for the Netware server's NDS. I just canceled. I selected the new ou and went to Tools, GroupWise Utilities, GW ED Associatation, Graft Groupwise objects and got this error.

The Editectory Schema is not properly modified for GroupWise.

What am I doing wrong here. I need to put my production Groupwise System in a test environment where I can do test on email and documents. Help.
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Install a GroupWise system into the new eDirectory Tree normally. Then delete the GroupWise system. That's the quick-n-dirty way to get the schema extensions into the eDirectory Tree. Be sure to use the install for the NEW version of GroupWise, not the old one.

Alternatively, find the schema extensions file in the GroupWise install media and extend the schema thru the C1 interface.

Once you have the schema extensions, you should be able to graft.
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