Simple Global Catalog Question

Can somone please confirm this for me.

I have two Windows 2000 domain controllers in a network.  I introduced a 2003 R2 server today and have done everything needed with ADPREP.  I also transferred all FSMO roles to the 2003 server.  The last step is to move the Global Catalog.  Is this as simple as checking the box in SITES and SERVICES saying the 2003 server is a Global Catalog and unchecking the box under the apprioriate 2000 domain controller?  Does it take care of everything else for me?
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi InterWorks,

best option is to force replication - dont rely on it doing it itself, before you remove the original global catalog, run dcdiag and make sure it passes, worst thing you could do is remove the GC! then you would have some fun

David LeeCommented:
Greetings, InterWorks.

That's correct.  I'd go ahead and make the 2003 server a Global Catalog and give it a couple of hours to get populated with everything and then remove the 2000 domain controller as a GC.  

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