netstat -na|grep 9950

The port is being used by a process(9950)
netstat -na|grep 9950

Gives me the output that  it is being used ,listened and Established .
I want to use this port for my weblogic port(http).and I want to know who, which process is using it so that I will
allocate a different port to this and Free my Port.
Is there any way I can find who is using this port.

Please advice????

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"netstat -ltnp | grep 9950"

This will give the process associated with that port.
Find the tool called "lsof" on the web and install it and then use it.

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ballioballiAuthor Commented:
Where I have to Install this tool ?? on the Server??
or Locally?? I am not a System Admin but DBA.
Your advice will be highly appreciated!!
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ballioballiAuthor Commented:
netstat -ltnp | grep 9950"

$ netstat -ltnp | grep 10550
netstat: Not a recognized flag: l
Install lsof in the server you want to monitor all of open TCP/IP connection by the specific process.

Once you have lsof installed, then you can do

lsof | grep 9950 | grep TCP

For example, I search for all of TCP/IP connection with process ID 311356, then I ran 'lsof | grep 311356 | grep TCP'

 > lsof | egrep "311356" | egrep "TCP"
lsof: WARNING: compiled for AIX version; this is
lsof: WARNING: /home/kiman/.lsof_ptatx029 was updated.
GWTDOMAIN   311356 kiman    4u  IPv4  0xf10000f32c67cb58                0t0                                                   TCP ptatx029:3461 (LISTEN)
GWTDOMAIN   311356 kiman   10u  IPv4  0xf10000f3d06e0b58                0t0                                                   TCP ptatx029:3461->ptatx029:56977 (ESTABLISHED)
1, -bash-2.05b# netstat -Aa | grep ESTABLISHED
f10006000199d398 tcp4 0 0 tivp5clp2.15204 tivp5clp2.44462 ESTABLISHED --> for example
f10006000183cb98 tcp4 0 0 tivp5clp2.44462 tivp5clp2.15204 ESTABLISHED
f1000600002e4b98 tcp4 0 0 tivp5clp2.44394 tivp5clp2.44459 ESTABLISHED
2, -bash-2.05b# echo "sockinfo f10006000199d398 tcpcb"| kdb | grep proc
F100070F00000000 F100070F10000000 pvproc+000000
proc/fd: 292/146
proc/fd: fd: 146
pvproc+049000 292*java ACTIVE 01240A2 0000001 00000000EA97F400 0 0032
3, -bash-2.05b# echo "hcal 01240A2" | kdb | grep Value
Value hexa: 001240A2 Value decimal: 1196194
4, -bash-2.05b# ps -fp 1196194
root 1196194 1 0 10:31:46 - 1:11 /opt/IBM/ITM/aix533/iw/java/bin/java -Dosgi.install.area=/op
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