how to cut a string by fixed length

I need to judge a string,
if it is longer than 10000, then the first 1-10000 will put into one string.
Then judge on the rest and if longer than 10000, repeat the same.

May I know how to do it in vb6, thanks
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Ryan ChongCommented:
try something like this, i split the string and put into an array.. :

Dim strArr() As String, bigString As String, cnt As Integer
    bigString = "Bla..... very long..."
    cnt = 0
    Do While Len(bigString) > 10000
        ReDim Preserve strArr(cnt)
        strArr(cnt) = Left$(bigString, 10000)
        bigString = Mid$(bigString, 10001)
        cnt = cnt + 1
    'Last string
    If bigString <> "" Then
        ReDim Preserve strArr(cnt)
        strArr(cnt) = bigString
    End If
Ryan ChongCommented:
to get the splitted string, try something like:

For i = 0 To UBound(strArr)
        Debug.Print strArr(i)
    Next i
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