Pleaese help lost access/cannot get access to networkdrives! Fireserver is asking for credientials fort local accounts for access to mapped drives..

Running server 2003 std. w/latest srv pack and updates.
We have encountered a very mysterious problem.
Our fileserver was working with the shared folders policies etc., however a sudden change occured without having interacted with the server. On logon attempt to one of the shared folders mapped as a drive, we were prompted for credentials. This never was an issue before, and what baffles us the most is, that the credentials entered arent accepted. No errorcodes are displayed, the credential boz just remains prompting us again and again.
Another mystery occours when trying to connect to another share. The credential box looks different, being that the username field is grayed out with the servername\guest entered. Our guest account is naturally disabled so we are wondering where in the world that derrives from. No code admitted will work ofcourse. What went wrong? Up til this error, we have done nothing, not updated, not installed nor tampered with the server, and yet the problem still occured.

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Thanks whatisthesolution, others reading this post will find that helpful.

Please contact a site administrator to have this question closed and your points refunded.

whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
To Admin....

We hae found our own solution to this issue and it is now soleved!

Thank you and have nice day.

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Can you tell us what the user's fix was?  This information may help us provide a solution you can do for everyone, and it may also help future readers of this post  
whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Admin Note:

Dear Ebjers,

I found that the solution was to be found through changing the method of connecting to the shares.
For reasons yet unknown to me, the system settings were changed.

Path of correction:

Start\Administrative Tools\Local Security Policy
Network Access : Sharing and security model for local accounts was changed back to
Classic - Local users authenticate as themselves.

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