Sorting the Inbox by To, cc and then bcc

Dear all,

Greetings.  Can anyone please tell me how I can have my Inbox in LN 6 sorted in a way that what I have at the top are the messages TO me followed by CC and last BCC.  Basically what I am saying is messages where I am the responsible person come top in the list then the rest follow.  Many thanks.

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U need to change the ($Inbox) folder . For this, u need to be the manager of your db and u need to install Domino Designer. Open your mail db in designer and access the said folder.
Copy Who Column and paste the column twice. Once for CC and another for BCC.
So, in the second Who column use CopyTo instead of SendTo and inthe next Who use BlindCopyTo field. make the First Who as Category.

Note: Once design is refreshed/replaced, these design elements will get replaced. So, make sure u change in another new mail template and use this template name in db properties for refreshing design. Ofcourse, upgrading to new design(lateset versions) will remove these changes and may need re-work.

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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I would see if you can get your hands on the R7 client. It has message marking where you can indicate if a message was sent to you, you were CC'd or BCC'd and that type stuff.

Might be easiest route if possible
HenDeeAuthor Commented:
Dear  madheeswar,  Many thanks.  I am not the Admin now but will swing this by him.  From what you suggest the logic makes sense and am sure it will work because we did something similar to this before (when I was still part of the designer team).  Many thanks I will accept your answer.

Dear brwwiggins,

Many thanks for your suggestion too but I work for a company that takes its time to check out all avenues before an upgrade.  And since we have just gone R6 recently, it will be a while before I go R7.  Thanks all the same and best regards.

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