Unable to start Apache by configuring php

I have done the following things to my installation.
Installation paths:
OS                 --  Windows XP
PHP4.x         --   c:/php4
Apache1.3.x--  c:/Apache

Added LoadModule to point to php4apache.dll
Added AddModule to mod_php4.c   // This line given error, and at the second time I have removed it.
Copied php4ts.dll to system32.  Also to system folders of SYSTEM root.
Copied php.ini to winnt.

NOTE: I have the copies of dll's in both PHP Home directory and  in sapi folder.

    But when I start Apache it is giving the errors
Syntax error in the line LoadModule php4 "c:/php4/php4apache.dll"
Can not load service named php4apache.dll

Please provide me a solution that fix my problem
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Actually, I think it is supposed to be:

LoadModule php4_module "c:/php4/php4apache.dll"

ksrinivasarao1Author Commented:
Please provide a better solution.

LoadModule "c:/php4/php4apache.dll"

instead of

LoadModule php4 "c:/php4/php4apache.dll"

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