Hi everyone.

I developed an OCR program, I want to know what is the font color, can any one help me in that?

Thank you.
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download this software , you will understand more about OCR Colors !
PageGenie Pro 4.0  

Color OCR Software for decomposing color page images while retaining full WYSIWYG page information including color text and images including the original background image. A patent pending technology removes text images from the background image then allows TrueType Font Texts to be superimposed on the original background image, allowing the user to produce ultra high quality PDF files (through user supplied PDF writer) or other WYSIWYG output such as JAVA files for web publishing. PageGenie Pro also provides users with un-paralleled level of user control over the OCR and editing processes. Can also save into RTF, HTML and Image files, or PMF for use in converting to XML with XMLCapture Suite.

Start with a good original. Is the paper wrinkled? Try ironing it (warm, not hot iron) or pressing between heavy books. Erase smudges.

Make the scan the best you can. Make sure the scanner bed/glass is clean, smudge-free. Keep the document straight and even so you don't end up with a "skewed" image. Adjust the color/contrast/brightness so the background is light/white and free of "artifacts" (such as a pattern in the paper) and the text is dark. Scan at 300dpi or better.

Turn one document into many. With older or stripped-down software, graphics, lines on forms, columns of text, and other formatting will cause problems. Try breaking the scanned original down into smaller chunks (crop out non-text elements or save columns of text as individual images) and run your OCR software on each part separately. You'll lose formatting but gain a more accurate text document. However, newer OCR software is getting better and better at retaining formatting of forms and tables so you may want to trade in your old OCR software for some newer OCR software solutions.

Try different settings. Experiment with different options in your software. If your first attempt is less than usable, adjust the controls.

Proofread. No matter how accurate the program, all are fallible. Proofread, proofread, proofread the finished document.

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