wireless network security tip please!


I have a wireless clearwire modem which i wish to connect to a wireless router for convenience in my house.
I have always been concerned about wireless security, i have looked a little into the wi-fi routers + pcmcia cards and notice that most seem to provide only fixed WEP, is this enough? isn't it better to have dynamic wep key exchange or something? Which routers provide this ? Any advice would be appreciated .
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Hi gotvinsanity,

if your only using it for home or small business then fixed WEP is fine, your not going get hammered.... the bigger companies will use mech stronger encryption but unless you have the need for a massively secure wireless network then WEP is fine

gotvinsanityAuthor Commented:
I don't think i need massive security but i do use internet for banking for example and i live in a city so i am afraid curious people might try to break in, especially as i have read in the past that it really is not hard to break a wep key..
Hello gotvinsanity,

I agree that WEP should be sufficient for home use.  If you want to do a little extra, I would suggest that you also restrict by MAC address. Your wireless router should have the ability to say that "only these MAC addresses are allowed wireless access".
100% agree with that
gotvinsanityAuthor Commented:
I will do that ..

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