ADSL modem/router: Do I need both?

I am about to get an ADSL connection soon.

I want to know the difference between ADSL modem and the ADSL router.
Is it one device or two seperate devices?
Do I need them both or just one?

Can someone explain.
Thanks in advance.

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usually two different things.. sometimes combined into one device.

adsl modem - translates dsl (digital subscriber line) signal to analog for computer/network use.

adsl router - usually a router (that is sold for cable and dsl modems)... not different than a normal router. usually is wired, can be wireless.
if your networking get a router too
Adding to Craig_200X re the router - router lets you;

* perform NAT (Network Address Translation) allowing your internal network on say 192.168.1.x range to communicate to the outside world. * should have a SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall on it that protects you from nasties in combination with a software firewall you'll be pretty well covered.
* Lastly the router will usually have a DHCP server inside it which allows you to dynamically dish out IP addresses as machine's apply on them. Most modems will have this, but the better routers allow much more flexibillity on it.
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Some ADSL modems use NAT as well so it depends on what you want to accomplish are you looking to hook multiple pc's? Do you just want the added security of NAT? Because like I mentiomned some adsl modems allow NAT. Also as Craig_200X stated there are modem/routers which allows you the ability to hook up the phone line and funtions just like a router.
I was referring to cableDSLmodem/router, but you are correct there are also telephone/router devices.
r1937Author Commented:
Thanx Craig_200X,

So does that mean, if I buy a adsl router do I have to buy a adsl modem also?
I want to connect the ADSL to my home network.
I would imagine you already have a modem that was provided by your isp? If that is the case and it is ethernet all you need is a router.
"So does that mean, if I buy a adsl router do I have to buy a adsl modem also?
I want to connect the ADSL to my home network."


standard router should be capable of doing the job
wait a second, I answered that backwards....   If you are talking about buying a DSL modems, you can purchase one -- you need a DSL modem capable of handling the VPI/VCI your ISP is using.. you can ask them what their settings are and program the dsl modem to it.... or you can use the one they provide which is preprogrammed.

if you are talking about buying a router --- then the above answer "standard router should be capable of doing the job"  applies.


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By the modem/router combo device.  The price difference between the modem by itself and one with an integrated router is negligible at best.  If you ever do have more than one computer connected to a small network and you have a problem, you will get a better response if you have their integrated device than if you have your own router.

A phone jockey at an ISP will ask, "Do you have a router? Ahh, well, that's your problem.  Sorry we cannot help you."  But if you have their device, the response is normally different.
r1937Author Commented:
Thanks Craig_200X,
But there is still one thing that I don't understand,
What's the difference between a ADSL router and a normal router?

Anyway I am advised to buy a ADSL Modem/Router device to connect my home network by my ISP.
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