hp CT100 (an hp computer tablet)

I have just obtained an hp CT1100 (computer tablet).  It includes a pen that isn't working and the ability to wirelessly acquire the network.  If anyone knows how the Network adapters acquire the networks, including satelite acquisition.  Please advise on how to get the pen working that's stored in the tablet computer and which network adapter to use, i.e. there are two adapters listed in Control Panel/Systems/Network adapters/(i.e.) Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller, and, hp wlan 802.11a/b/g w500.  How would I configure one or both of those, and why does one have a red X through it, meaning it's disabled?  I ask because I seem to acquire the network in my car and lose it.  I assume it might have somethign to do with the Red X adapter.  Maybe?  Why is this happening?  What is it I need to know about the network adapters to be able to acquire a network connection even while travelling in a vehicle, but at least when I'm home and within range of my Linksys wireless router, a WRT54G v.5, how can I keep a connection?  My last request is, where can I find a complete users guide for this hp CT1100?
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I think you made a typo. Would it possibly be a TC1100 rather than the CT1100. If so here is the link to the download page for guides and manuals for the TC1100 . http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DocumentIndex.jsp?contentType=SupportManual&lang=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179111&taskId=101&prodTypeId=321957&prodSeriesId=376810

If the manuals don't help with your problems post back here.

P.S. The reason you aquire then lose the signal in your car while travelling is , you are going by other wireless networks just like your wireless router at home. Your wireless picks them up when you get in range then drops them when they go out of range.

The other problem with the disabled network card is no doubt for the hard wired network card that you would plug into from a lan.
Broadcom 440x 10/100 integrated controller
~~ Is the wired network interface.

HP wlan 802.11a/b/g w500
~~ Is the wireless network interface.

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MordidoAuthor Commented:
Need a final help.  Please direct about this--

Today, open up Windows XP Professional and at the desk top resolution so bad barely could read.  Received an error message:  i.e. your computer screen resolution and color depth are currently set at a very low level.  You can get a better picture by increasing these settings.  To do this, click this balloon.

Did that.  Nothing happened.  Rebooted, then shut computer off a while.  Rebooted to desktop and resolution was great, but memory was so taxed that everything was very slow.  Checked computer/properties and I was using only 9GBs of 87GBs.  Rebooted, and resolution was bad again.  Either I boot to bad resolution or bad memory and slow.  Currently, with slowness.

Moreover, if I need to do a reformat or Recovery, if I have a virus, how to I reinstall applications on a TC 1100?  I have no disk drives or anywhere to install.  I received this from an acquaintance paying off a debt.  He's gone.  I have the computer.  No knowledge of how to reformat it or install application.  Need advice.
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I guess I misunderstood the question according to the accepted answer.(Good answer PCBONEZ) ;-)
MordidoAuthor Commented:
You answered the original, so I gave you credit.  The other stuff I asked for info to find an answer.
Sorry but you gave PCBONEZ the credit.
MordidoAuthor Commented:
I thought you were PCBONEZ.
The moderator can help you if you made a mistake.
Reading PCBONEZ bio I don't think I could ever be him, what a lifetime of work there!!!
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