Thick Client Application VS Citrix server

Hi all,

Can any one tell me the configuration for a Thick client deployment in a Citrix environment?

Minimum memory utilization for my Client application is 80MB.

Also suggest me with how many users can be runned in a single citrix box with the following configuration,

Pentium 4, 3.6 ghz

Thanks in Advance,

Badri Narayanan R.
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  What do you mean by Thick Client?  Is this a Client/Server application running in a citrix environment?  Citrix environment in itself is considered a thin client.  The only items that get passed back and forth from the citrix server are keyboard and mouse commands and the screen shots.  Your "thick" client application would run within the citrix "thin" client environment.
   As far as your specs.  Add 16MB plus whatever applications you are running (in your case 80MB) per user and you will get your citrix box max users.  The CPU should be plenty.  The other consideration is Network Bandwidth.  To keep the session stable, you need to figure about 56Kb per session.
These figures are based on my own testing as a Citrix Engineer for 3 years and doing my own testing.  These are NOT the figures that citrix will quote.  In fact, they rarly quote any figures unless pushed into a corner.

Good Luck

It all depends on what software application you will be running. Right now I am testing Citrix Presentation server 4, on a virtual server enviornment with a total of 5GB (physical )of ram and a p4 3 gigahertz. Now since it is a virtual server, the virtual server itself is only given 2 gb of ram. We run mostly office 2003 applications , project and visio inclided. 6 users at once, no problem, and I am sure it will be able to house alot more, that should give you an idea.
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